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What does NL mean?

NL means the Netherlands

NL (or actually. nl) is the suffix of Dutch domain names. These. NL domains are issued by the SIDN, the responsible for the. nl domain. Read More

What does Veni Vidi vici mean?

Veni, Vidi, Vici is a pronunciation

Veni, Vidi Vici is a well-known (Latin) statement that means as much as: I came, I saw, I overcame. The ruling is of Julius Caesar after his victory over Pharnaces II of Pontus. It was a confirmation of how fast and easy the victory was.

What does IFRS mean?

IFRS means International Financial Reporting Standard

IFRS is an accounting standard for corporate annual reports. Since 2005, all listed companies in the EU have been obliged to report in this way. Read More

What does WWFT mean?

WWFT means law to prevent money laundering and terrorist financing

The AFM, together with DNB, is responsible for supervising compliance with the obligations of the WWFT. The AFM's supervision is aimed at monitoring and promoting the integrity of business operations and preventing involvement in money laundering. Read More

What does it mean in perspective?

Perspective means flattening

People who only see problems are sometimes told that they have to learn to put them into perspective. This means that they have to weaken the things that need to be seen more soberly. So if you are in trouble and you say that there are other people who are even worse, then you are putting it into perspective. Read More

What does IBM mean?

IBM means International Business Machines

IBM is also known as Big Blue (a large company with a blue logo) and has become known for the first IBM Personal Computer (the 1st PC). The name IBM has been in existence since 1924 and has started selling calculating machines and office supplies. Read More

What does SWOV mean?

SWOV means foundation for scientific research on road safety

The SWOV is the National Institute for Verkeersveiligheidonderzoek. The mission of the SWOV is to contribute with knowledge from (scientific) research to the improvement of road safety. Read More

What is Cefaly?

Cefaly is a headband

Cefaly can be a solution for people suffering from migraines. The Cefaly is placed on the forehead using a sticky electrode and gives dosed micro-impulses to help to prevent pain and attack. Read More

What is Superdry?

Superdry is a clothing store

Superdry was founded in 1985 and sells (and designs) both men's and women's clothing. Superdry focuses on customers who are looking for stylish clothing with a unique design and a good quality. Superdry is sold in more than 100 countries and gets a lot of publicity because celebrities wear the garments. Superdry combines design influences from Japanese graphics and vintage Americana with the values of British tailoring work with the result: unique clothing with unprecedented details. View the assortment on Read More

What does RUP mean?

RUP means Rational Unified Process

RUP is a toolset of the company Rational (now IBM) that supports working according to the Object Oriented Software development method Unified Process. The way of software development has changed considerably in recent years: Software is now being built quickly and flexibly. Read More