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What does Veni Vidi vici mean?

Veni, Vidi, Vici is a pronunciation

Veni, Vidi Vici is a well-known (Latin) statement that means as much as: I came, I saw, I overcame. The ruling is of Julius Caesar after his victory over Pharnaces II of Pontus. It was a confirmation of how fast and easy the victory was.

What is Superdry?

Superdry is a clothing store

Superdry was founded in 1985 and sells (and designs) both men's and women's clothing. Superdry focuses on customers who are looking for stylish clothing with a unique design and a good quality. Superdry is sold in more than 100 countries and gets a lot of publicity because celebrities wear the garments. Superdry combines design influences from Japanese graphics and vintage Americana with the values of British tailoring work with the result: unique clothing with unprecedented details. View the assortment on Read More