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Online Portfolio: A Guide to Creating It for Upcoming Models

If you love modeling and hope to pursue it, launching your career is a step in the right direction. However, whether you make it depends on how well you present yourself. A portfolio is a valuable tool and may determine what route your career takes. If you are not keen enough, you might not get noticed. Even when you do, you may not acquire that coveted first contract, which is what you need to enter the professional field. With this in mind, how do you go about building a selling portfolio? Here is a guideline to getting noticed through a killer portfolio.

Pick Your Niche

There are different modeling fields, and all have different requirements. Your passion, skill set level, and physical attributes may influence the field you fit in best. Evaluate whether you wish to do live, fashion, commercial, or body part modeling. Setting your area of interest helps in laying down the groundwork.

Take Photos

After narrowing down your area of interest, take appropriate photos for it. With these, you can’t afford to compromise on quality. Your portfolio pictures will sell you, and it would be best that you put some effort into it. Pick out your clothes before the shoot and find out inspiring poses from the Internet or industry magazines. Practice posing in different angles in preparation for the shoot day. If need be, have a professional makeup artist for the session. Most photographers have them, but in case yours doesn’t, hire one.

The photos should showcase your best attributes. You should work with a professional photographer who understands your trade. Pick someone with experience in your field of choice as they will generally know what agencies want. During the shoot, demonstrate your flexibility and display your confidence and charms.

Publish Your Portfolio

Once you have a variety of shots, it is time to filter them and pick the best. To exhibit versatility, choose photos in different settings, outfits, and lighting. You can also select pictures of different sizes and mixing up the image orientation. Remember to pick ones that exemplify your chosen field. Treat your online portfolio like your display shop to get people to want to learn more about you.

If you do not have a professional website, set one up. Ask around for a graphic design company in areas like Provo that can set up impressive sites dedicated to modeling clients. A professional developer is essential as they know what themes work best and how to develop an appropriate landing page for a memorable first impression. For your online portfolio, post the most impressive shots first so that they are what scouting agencies see when they open your collection. Do the same if you are working with a printed version.

Other than the photos, it would help to include a profile page with your physical attributes on the website. Once you have your portfolio set, keep updating it. Have your most significant projects featured prominently on the pages so that they are easy to find.

The modeling industry is competitive, and growing your career should start by understanding your area of interest. Once you get to practice, keep training and practicing until you develop your personal brand. With experience, you will gain expertise in your chosen modeling field, and it will be easy for agencies to sign you up.

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