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What does QR-code mean?

A QR code is a two-dimensional barcode, developed by Denso-Wave. QR stands for quick Response, because the code is quickly decryptable. You can scan the QR code with a mobile phone or PDA. If you have internet on your mobile phone, you can easily open the link without having to tap the address. In a similar way, email addresses, SMS messages, phone numbers and texts (up to 7089 characters) can be offered. An example code is listed below, which goes to this website. You can create these codes Via Google Charts API. At the very bottom of this post an online way to create a QR code using Google Charts.

What does CMS mean?

CMS means Content Management system

It is a piece of software that allows the information or content of a website to be adapted via a simple interface (usually via a website, but this does not have to be compressed). A CMS is especially important for websites whose content needs regular customization, and the content in a fixed layout is presented to visitors. Most large companies use a CMS for their website nowadays. For example, a known variation of the CMS is the weblog. There are many different types, so something for everyone. Companies often opt for a larger (expensive) system, while SME's can easily use a free (open source) CMS. A good start is the site CMS matrix.

What does twining mean?

Twinen is the digital listening Finch

On Twitter Many people write what they are doing, what they do, etc. You can often read this back as an anonymous user (because most people have their profile open to everyone). This can be described as listening finches, which created the word Twinen.

See below for Twitter messages with the text twining.

What is Good Friday?

Good Friday is a Christian holiday

Good Friday is Friday before Easter, and the day before is white Thursday. On this day, church services commemorate the crucifixion of Jesus. The bells do not ring before commencement of the service, as a sign of mourning. Good Friday is well named because the Christians believe that Christ's voluntary death meant that God cared about human suffering and took it upon himself. Professed Roman Catholics do not eat meat on this day.

Images about Good Friday

What does CBS mean?

CBS means Central Statistical office

The task of CBS is to collect and edit data for the purpose of publishing statistics for the purposes of practice, policy and science. Besides the responsibility for the national (official) statistics, CBS is also responsible for the production of European (community) statistics. The information provided by CBS differs from macro-economic data, to household information. The goal of the CBS is ultimately to reduce the administration burden. Annually, CBS also holds survey ยช TES among consumers and companies to keep the information that one has as current as possible. More information can be found on the website.

What does CPB mean?

CPB stands for Central Planning Bureau, an advisory body for the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs. CPB has access to confidential policy information and can therefore assess the policy measures envisaged in the Cabinet. The Central Planning Bureau was established with the later Nobel Prize winner Jan Tinbergen as first director. Although the name of the agency suggests this, CPB does not (economic) planning. That would not fit into the market economy that is the Netherlands.

CPB Website.