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What does flu mean?

Flu is an infection

Flu is an acute infection of the upper respiratory tract (nose, throat, lungs) and is caused by the influenza virus. Officially, there is also talk of influenza. Flu is a disease in which the mucous membrane in the respiratory tract is inflamed. It often starts suddenly with chills, fever headaches and muscle aches. Characteristic is the fever, which can reach within 12 hours up to 39 Â °c or higher. The fever often lasts 3 to 5 days. Complaints such as sore throats and dry coughs may also occur. Full recovery takes 1 to 3 weeks.

The virus damages the tissues of the lungs to cause acute bronchitis or pneumonia. You must have a strong and healthy body, to repel the flu. Some people are weakened by old age or by chronic diseases like diabetes, heart and kidney disease or asthma. With them, an infection can demand too much energy. These people are susceptible to an infection by a bacterium on top of the damage that the flu virus already wreaks. In These situations, flu can be fatal. This is also the reason that many older people get the flu shot, so they will not get some forms of this disease. However, a flu shot is not a guarantee for not getting the flu.

A healthy person can suffer a great deal of nuisance from influenza and therefore have been eliminated from work and social life for a while. People with diabetes will need to measure more often (and insulin syringes) because blood sugar is higher than normal.

Google tries to detect flu trends by analyzing search around the flu. Click here to see the current flu trend.

What does Blue Monday mean?

Blue Monday is the third Monday in January

Blue Monday identifies the most depressed day of the year: the third Monday in January. Blue Monday is a discovery of the English psychologist Cliff Arnall. A few years ago he invented a scientific formula that showed that the third Monday in January is the day when most people feel sad, dejected or wistfully (debts of Christmas shopping, bad weather, not getting good Intentions, etc.). Read More

What does Valentine mean?

Valentine is a sacred

Valentine comes from the Latin Valentinus and is celebrated on Valentines Day (February 14th). This is the day when lovers have extra attention to each other. Because of the growing commercials, this is increasingly done through cards, flowers, gifts, etc. Much more often, Valentines Day is also used to thank people, because they care for the dog during a holiday, or that they give the flowers water, etc..

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What does Google mean?

Google is a media company

Google is originally a search engine: you're looking for something on the internet and you use Google's intelligence for that. Google started in 1997 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin after having worked on the smart algorithms for a year or two. At that time, AltaVista was a big player in this market, but Google worked considerably better and faster and quickly took over the lead. In the meantime, the company is so well known that it has become a verb: googling something. The name is a corruption of the word ' googol ': a 1 with 100 zeros. Google is now much more than a search engine and has all kinds of apps, tools, Android phones, hardware, cloud services, full gsuite for companies, etc. Read More

What does RSS mean?

RSS means Really Simple syndication

RSS is an abbreviation, two of which are very similar: Really Simple syndication of Rich Site Summary. It is a way to display the content of your site in a structured way (without formatting). This is displayed by using XML. In This XML feed is often a title, a date, an author, a short description and a link to the full article. To read RSS files, separate software is required. RSS readers come in many types and flavors, paid and not paid for, for Linux, Macintosh and Windows.

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