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What does PAL mean?

There are several things that carry the abbreviation PAL with them. The most famous is the one that has to do with the image you receive on the television: phase alternating Line. It is the colour television standard in most European countries. Usually you don't get to do this, but if you've worked with video editing software at home, you'll encounter it. Often, if you want to render the movie or burn it to DVD you have to take this standard into account (you make it for yourself, then PAL is the right standard. If it Is for a friend in America or Japan, you should use the NTSC standard.

What does SEO mean?

SEO means Search Engine optimization

In Dutch, it is also often referred to as search engine optimization or research engine marketing. It means that you share your website so that in certain words your site is found well in search engines like Google, Live search, Yahoo, etc. When SEO is applied well, your website can be higher in the search results (you first got on page 10, and now on page 1) so more people get to your website. Read More

What does phishing mean?

Phishing is a form of scams

Phishing is usually done by emails that appear to be from a bank. This means that an update must be logged in to the Internet banker site. The unsuspecting reader clicks on the link and logged in. In practice, you don't go to the real site, but to a site that looks like this and which comes in this way behind your login credentials. Read More

What does NZB mean?

NZB is an XML file format

An NZB file is a file containing information where a certain download is from Niewsgroepen. For example, you are looking for blogging software: WordPress. If you have a wordpress nzb file then it says what messages you need to download to download the software package. You can import an NZB file into most newsgroups readers. The file itself is an XML-sourced file in which the newsgroup is listed, and what bits of it should be downloaded to reach a full file. The name itself derives from the fact that started with it.

What is Twitter?

Twitter is online chat in 140 characters

Twitter is a service/website that works a bit like MSN Messenger and SMS. You can say in 140 characters what you are doing at the moment, are reading, or are planning to go. So far it looks like SMS. All the people who follow you (in your friends list) see that message, and Kunen may respond to it (this is the comparison with MSN Messenger). You can enter these messages on the website, but there are also a lot of other tools that you can use to customize your status (Windows/Linux/Mac/Mobile/etc.). Read More

What does opt-out mean?

OPT-OUT is an unsubscribe request

An OPT-OUT request means you are unsubscribing for something. This usually occurs in email newsletters that you receive. Often, at the bottom of such a newsletter, there is a possibility to unsubscribe, sign out, or unregister. For domain names you can also opt-outen. Then it means that the address data does not emerge if one does a whois on the domain.

What does retweet mean?

Retweet is a Twitter term

Retweet (RT) is a term used on Twitter. You can compare it to a forward from an email. With a retweet ' forward ' you get a message from someone else to your own network of Twitter followers. You do this because it is a nice or good message that you want to share with people. Within Twitter you do this by RT or retweet. If the Twitter user watbetekent so says: Yo
u really have to go to and retweet you, then you say
RT @watbetekent you really have to go to or
retweet @watbetekent you really have to go to

What does Malware mean?

Malware is malicious software

Malware is a generic name for malicious and/or malicious software. It is often designed with a criminal purpose (by coming back from people's passwords, or finding information). Malware is the collective name of viruses, Trojan horses, rootkits, spyware, dialers, botnets, malicious websites, tracking cookies, etc. It descends from the English "malicious software". Read More