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What is Bixby?

Bixby is the Samsung assistant

Bixby is a virtual assistant designed by Samsung that is present on the Galaxy S8, in the future the assistant may also be available on other Samsung devices. The idea behind Bixby is that it will help you with the tasks you want to carry out with your phone, which makes it a bit different from other assistants like Google Assistant, Microsoft Cortana, Apple Siri or Amazon Alexa. With Bixby you can operate the phone more with a single voice (and therefore less focused on facts or searches).

What is Echo?

Echo is a smart speaker

The Amazon Echo (and the Echo Dot) is a smart speaker developed by Amazon. The Echo can play music of course, but also comes with a built-in virtual assistant called Alexa. Via Alexa, speech recognition can perform commands such as playing music, setting up an alarm or reading the weather forecast or traffic information. Alexa also works with several IOT devices, so you can also ask Alexa to put your smart thermostat a few degrees higher. And of course you can easily order products from Amazon via the ultrasound. Read More