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What does DKIM mean?

DKIM means DomainKeys Identified Mail

DKIM is a technique in which an organization can take responsibility for a message sent by e-mail. In fact, DKIM originated from 2 separate techniques: DomainKeys of Yahoo! and Internet Identified Mail from Cisco. DKIM is a base for authentication and not anti-spam technology, but it is often used to prevent spam. Read More

What does BCC mean?

BCC means Blind Carbon Copy

BCC means blind copy and is used when sending an email. With the receivers it is often possible to also fill in a BCC receiver field. When you use the Bcc field, it means that the normal recipients of the e-mail cannot see the BCC email addresses. It seems as if the people in the BCC field do not receive the mail, from a privacy point of view it is good to do so. Also to reduce unwanted mail it is useful to use Bcc: reply to all or reply to all has no effect on the Bcc people. In business, BCC is often used if the recipient is not allowed to know that the message is also sent to others.

What does EOM mean?

EOM means End Of Message

EOM (or better yet (EOM)/<eom>) is used to indicate that the message is not larger.</eom> It is used on Twitter and in MSN and SMS messages, but it can also be used in the e-mail. If you put EOM in the subject of an e-mail message, the recipient knows that the rest of the message does not need to be read. So it is useful for small messages.

What is sexting?

Sexting is sending hot text messages

The word "sexting" originated in the time when sending SMS messages started to come up, but nowadays it is also used when people post messages on Twitter or Facebook. Sexting therefore comes from SMS, but is increasingly widely drawn. It is still about messages with evocative texts, pictures in hot poses, etc. Read More