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What is slamming?

Slamming is line hijacking

Slamming or line hijacking is the conversion of a telephone connection to another provider without your explicit permission. Another phone provider may not accept a subscription without permission, telephone providers have made arrangements to prevent this. If you get an offer by phone for another contract, beware because saying 1 time is enough to be stuck (a signature is not required). Most people only find that they have become victims of slamming when they receive the new invoice or a farewell letter from the old provider. Consumers have been better protected since 2014 because there is also a need for written confirmation, for business users that is not (yet) the case. It is not only annoying if you are suffering from slamming, by transferring fines or legal fees it can also be a decent cost item. So ask if someone is calling on behalf of a particular party or really as an employee of a telecom provider, and use the words Yes or no not. If you have become a victim, please contact the (new) provider as soon as possible and indicate that you do not want to call this provider and that there has been slamming. Read More

What does Misco mean?

Misco means micro Computers supplies Company

Misco is a large provider of computer hardware and software, home entertainment, telecommunication and other similar articles. Since 1985, Misco has been a supplier for both the business market and the consumer market (for 2004 under the name 06 software). Misco is part of the global Systemax (with a turnover of $2 billion). For more information or an order, go to

What does IFA mean?

IFA means international Funkausstellung

The IFA is a media and entertainment fair in Berlin which is held every two years. The aim is to show consumers and manufacturers the latest developments in the field of media, information provision and entertainment. This largest consumer electronics fair has more than 250,000 visitors, more than 1,000 exhibitors and more than 2 billion euros of orders placed. For current information about the IFA, go to the official website. YouTube W0aIqd2_V-A [/youtube]

What is a gadget?

A gadget is a thing

A gadget (a thing, Gizmo) is an article that is innovative and often cleverly designed. Often a gadget is a consumer electronics product (but it doesn't have to be). The technology or design is innovative, so a trendsetter likes to buy it. Often a gadget is also purchased as a status symbol. A gadget is especially interesting at the beginning (and even then it is more frequent for the entertainment purchased, and not so much for its functionality), later there are too many people who have it too, and it is not interesting anymore to have (or to show off). A gadget is often purchased online, in a special gadget or gift shop.