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What is Eline?

We are a bicycle navigation system

The Eline is a navigation tool that you can easily place on the handlebars of your bike. The eline helps to find the way in an unknown city, but does not do this by navigating: it only shows what direction you should be on. So it is more of a compass and not a navigation system. So you don't have to expect to drive the fastest route, but you'll find yourself in all sorts of places in the city, you decide on your own route and you can see which way you should go. By using e-paper the eline will not use much power. The Eline is available from March 2017. Read More

What does GPS mean?

GPS means Global positioning System

GPS is developed by the U.S. Army. It is a system of satellites in permanent orbits around the Earth. Every spot on Earth always sees at least 3 satellites, which are also needed to be able to do a positioning. This is done by means of radio waves and the fact that the position of the satellites is known. Read More