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What does HBBTV mean?

HBBTV means hybrid Broadcast Broadband television

HBBTV is often simply referred to as HBB and is also called Connected TV. It is an industry standard for hybrid digital TV and IPTV to deliver broadband entertainment to connected TVs and set-top boxes. With the help of HbbTV, products and services can be offered on different technologies (satellite, cable, etc.) HbbTV was first used in 2009, during a Roland Garros broadcast. Read More

What does HD Traffic mean?

HD traffic stands for High Definition traffic

It is a service that has been put into the market by TomTom (the full service is TomTom HD-Traffic as well). TomTom HD Traffic offers traffic information on the entire major road network in the Netherlands, including all secondary "N" roads. The supplied cover is up to 10x better than with TMC, and refreshes every 3 minutes. Read more about HD-Traffic on the TomTom website. TomTom HD-Traffic