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What is the Switch?

The Switch is a game console

The Nintendo Switch is a game console that you can use at home on the couch, but also on the go if you are in the train, or if you are in the waiting room. With the Nintendo Switch you play your favorite game wherever you want: everywhere and with everyone. You can connect it to the TV and enjoy a big screen, but without TV it is also good to do. The 2 controllers can be used together or separately, they are called Joy-Con-controllers. The standard joy-con controllers are neon red and neon blue. Give a controller to a friend and go and play together. If you didn't ever have enough time to play a game and so had to stop, you'll get the idea of the Nintendo Switch: You need to adjust your OT, and you just take your game console on the go to continue where you left off. Read More

What is a Flip-up display?

A flip-up display is a screen

A flip-up display usually means a screen that you can slide out (usually up). You can think of the older smartphones where the screen was to slide out, or in some equipment that doesn't always need a screen. With this type of device, it is often possible to slide a screen out for those few moments when you need a screen, so the other moments are not in the way of the screen.

What does BSOD mean?

BSOD means Blue Screen Of Death

This blue screen of death is a notification of the Microsoft Windows operating system if something has gone wrong (and what is not automatic restore). The screen consists of a blue background with white text. BSOD is not a official denomination but is by the frequent occurrence and severity of the error so appointed. Most memorable is the BSOD that occurred during a Plug and Play demonstration of Windows98. The only solution is often a restart of the computer. Windows 98 Blue screen of Death [YouTube] TGLhuF3L48U [/youtube] Many people make a picture when there is a BSOD in a public place to see, so what pictures

What is an IPad?

IPad is a tablet computer from Apple

The IPAD has been available since 2010 and is a tablet from the company Apple. It's actually an iPhone with a bigger screen and you can't call it with it but for the rest there are many things the same. There are now several versions available from the IPad: extra powerful, different formats, etc. If you have an iPad with cellular, you can place a SIM card in the tablet and make use of all the functionalities without having wifi. Read More