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What is a AppScooter?

A AppScooter is an electric scooter

The AppScooter is an electric scooter developed by Bolt Mobility, a startup from Delft. The boys behind Bolt Mobility describe it as the ' Tesla of the Scooter world '. The AppScooter is designed to a large extent by Bolt Mobility and with a range of 150 kilometers with 1 load, it not only leaves the normal gasoline driven scooters as well as the electric scooters far behind. The name AppScooter comes through the extensive collaboration with a smartphone, 4g module (with unlimited data), built-in software and also: it is a scooter that gets better as it gets hold. With a lot of investment money the first round of the scooters is already sold and you can now register on the 2nd round. The whole concept and design is conceived from the ground up, so it is not a normal scooter that is simply made smart and electric. The scooter itself has a touchscreen with large buttons where you can see information about the scooter as well as apps on your smartphone.

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What is an IPad?

IPad is a tablet computer from Apple

The IPAD has been available since 2010 and is a tablet from the company Apple. It's actually an iPhone with a bigger screen and you can't call it with it but for the rest there are many things the same. There are now several versions available from the IPad: extra powerful, different formats, etc. If you have an iPad with cellular, you can place a SIM card in the tablet and make use of all the functionalities without having wifi. Read More