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What does FUP mean?

FUP means Fair Use Policy

A FUP often applies when using an Internet connection. You may download it, but it should not be done constantly so that other users are bothered by it: it is therefore not allowed to be extremely much data user. What happens when the FUP is violated varies by contract, it may be that no data traffic is possible at all, or that an additional account is coming. Because Fair Use is rather opaque, you don't know as a user when you are violating it.

What does TMC mean?

TMC means Traffic Message Channel

TMC is a system that uses many navigation systems. TMC receives RDS radio signals that contain traffic information. This is information about road works, traffic jams, and any redirects. The navigation system can then decide to suggest another route, to avoid the traffic jams. The TMC reception is free and is broadcast in the Netherlands by several radio stations. The information comes From the Tellussen that are on the road and are supplemented with information from the Government (road works) and the Police (accidents).

What does HD Traffic mean?

HD traffic stands for High Definition traffic

It is a service that has been put into the market by TomTom (the full service is TomTom HD-Traffic as well). TomTom HD Traffic offers traffic information on the entire major road network in the Netherlands, including all secondary "N" roads. The supplied cover is up to 10x better than with TMC, and refreshes every 3 minutes. Read more about HD-Traffic on the TomTom website. TomTom HD-Traffic