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What does Lipdub mean?

Lipdub is a combination of audio dubbing and lip sync

Lipdub is a craze especially among schoolchildren, and assumes that a clip is included in 1 take. In This clip the People playback A (known) song. The success of a lipdub is in the preparatory work. The original music is later added to the recording. A lipdub can last for 1 minute and be made by 2 people, but there are also involve where a whole office building, or a complete university and different spaces are used. A lipdub seems Read More

What does TMC mean?

TMC means Traffic Message Channel

TMC is a system that uses many navigation systems. TMC receives RDS radio signals that contain traffic information. This is information about road works, traffic jams, and any redirects. The navigation system can then decide to suggest another route, to avoid the traffic jams. The TMC reception is free and is broadcast in the Netherlands by several radio stations. The information comes From the Tellussen that are on the road and are supplemented with information from the Government (road works) and the Police (accidents).