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What does ITG mean?

ITG means IT governance, what does not say much for most people. It is basicly all the processes that make sure that information technology is used effeciently and effectively.

Big enterprises have a lot of systems that are constantly changing. The overall architecture of the company is a basis for all IT that is used and might be vital for the future of the company or service. The people of ValueBlue made a survey which was the basis for a benchmark on enterprise architecture. So if you want to know something about Architecture governance, you should get a copy of this benchmark.

And while you are at it, why not take a look at BlueDolphin: a tool that might actually help you as an architect to plan the tranformation proces. With this tool you can plan, manage and collaborate, this way you can guide the digital transformation process with more agility than before.

Because these projects are not done within a couple of days it is useful to use tools to help you guide during the whole process. This is not only so that you don’t forget tasks, but can be usefull to look ahead: for your self but also for others. When you have a plan and something to work towards, you can show other involved parties to what is yet to come. In ideal cases people might already be thinking ahead and speeding up the process. Or atleast think about the future already so they come prepared.

With this in mind, all companies with multiple departments can benefit from using the neccessary frameworks and IT functions to help them reach there objectives. It does not matter much if you are a operating in the public of private sector, every organization that needs to comply with regulations or accountability (be it financial or technical) will benefit from ITG.

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