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What is cine tree?

Cine Tree is a VOD service

Cine Tree is an online platform that lets movies and documentaries on demand. The films are sorted out by curators are selected on important themes, or stories that touch. The profit from the subscriptions is used on Dutch films and supporting documentaries. For six euros a month, each month, members receive 10 films that are selected and initiated by one of the (known) curators. All the curators of cine tree are self-makers, actors or experts who are active in the film world. Read More

What is slamming?

Slamming is line hijacking

Slamming or line hijacking is the conversion of a telephone connection to another provider without your explicit permission. Another phone provider may not accept a subscription without permission, telephone providers have made arrangements to prevent this. If you get an offer by phone for another contract, beware because saying 1 time is enough to be stuck (a signature is not required). Most people only find that they have become victims of slamming when they receive the new invoice or a farewell letter from the old provider. Consumers have been better protected since 2014 because there is also a need for written confirmation, for business users that is not (yet) the case. It is not only annoying if you are suffering from slamming, by transferring fines or legal fees it can also be a decent cost item. So ask if someone is calling on behalf of a particular party or really as an employee of a telecom provider, and use the words Yes or no not. If you have become a victim, please contact the (new) provider as soon as possible and indicate that you do not want to call this provider and that there has been slamming. Read More

What is a Paywall?

A paywall is a payment wall

With a PayWall, it's important that you only get access to information if you pay: This can be one-off for one piece of information, the article, or it can be through a subscription. The paywall is mainly used in newspapers, often you will see a small introduction (to convince you of the fact that the article is worth the money) but the rest can only be seen when you get paid. It is a model that was introduced when it appeared that due to the online presence of newspapers there was less and fewer money entered by the publishers. When people also went to adblockers user also fell away the advertising revenues and there was no other possibility for some providers of information to exist, one had to ask for money for the information. Read More

What is an e-sim?

An e-sim is a built-in SIM card

An e-sim (also called embedded-SIM) is a SIM card that is built into a device (phone, tablet) and which is remotely programmable. This makes it easy to change the provider without having to change a SIM card. It is also possible to use one subscription over multiple devices: So 1 subscription You use for your smartwatch, your tablet, and your smartphone. And if you want a different subscription then you simply move on.