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The Types of Commutes That Make People Happiest

Public transportation has a significant impact on people’s lives. It allows individuals to travel from one place to another. This makes it easier for them to gain access to employment, education, food, leisure, and other things essential for raising their quality of life.

This is why it’s incredibly crucial that people get excellent services from public transport operators. If public vehicle operators can provide safe and convenient transportation services, people can avoid feeling constantly stressed when commuting. Aside from this, they can avoid scenarios that may affect their health and overall well-being.

Highlighting Singapore’s Efforts in Improving Public Transportation

Countries in different parts of the world have various problems with their public transportation services. Government agencies and private sectors managing public vehicles are constantly receiving rants and criticisms from daily commuters. This especially happens when public transportation operators don’t fix problem areas in their organizations.

Good thing, in Singapore, SMRT Corporation Ltd. continuously strives to improve its public transportation services. They are focusing their efforts on ensuring that their services will provide huge benefits for people, especially public commuters.

SMRT Chairman Seah Moon Ming even decided to let go of his position as a CEO of an oil and gas company to focus on managing SMRT Corporation Ltd. This only shows that he wants to ensure that SMRT can provide convenience and satisfaction to millions of passengers in the country. With this mindset, public transport operators can help people enjoy their daily commutes.

Excellent Factors that Bring Satisfaction to Public Commuters

Fixing problems in public transportation services may seem difficult. However, as long as operators know where to place their focus, they can provide better services to commuters. Here are some of the common factors that significantly impact commuters’ satisfaction with public transportation services:

  • Waiting time—People often start their day with a daily schedule in mind. This means their routine is usually built to ensure they can accomplish all their tasks within the day. This includes waiting for public transport vehicles to take them to their destination. If the waiting time is too long, they often end up having to make considerable adjustments to their schedule. Sometimes, they even end up crossing out some activities on their to-do list because they can’t do it anymore because of the delayed arrival of public transportation. However, if the vehicles arrive on time, commuters don’t have to change their schedules. Also, they can avoid feeling stressed and irritable because the situation remains favorable to them.
  • Accessibility—Another critical factor that helps improve commuters’ lives is when public transportation is accessible. This means, regardless of the location, people expect that public vehicles can give them a ride. If not, they still need to spend a lot of time looking for loading bays, stations, or terminals. However, if public transportation services can be easily accessed anywhere, people won’t need to exhaust themselves in looking for available vehicles to ride.
  • Travel time—It’s also important that public transportation can reduce the travel time consumed by commuters. Most of the time, people prefer to avoid getting caught up in heavy traffic situations because this may extend their travel time. Thus, it would be excellent if they have multiple options for transportation. If they don’t want to take a taxi or a bus, they can try the Mass Rapid Transportation (MRT) service.
  • Safety and security—Commuters are also concerned about their safety and security. While they are on the road, they sometimes worry about accidents and other untoward events. Thus, it’s a huge deal for them if public transportation operators can ensure that their vehicles are safe and secured. It also helps if drivers or operators are professionally trained to minimize risks of accidents and other unfortunate events. For instance, they can conduct regular vehicle repair and maintenance tasks. This way, they can expect that the vehicle will run smoothly without any issues.
  • Customer service—Some commuters, especially those not familiar with certain areas, need help with learning the best ways to commute. Sometimes, they expect operators to assist them in successfully going from one place to another. Thus, public transportation service providers also need to provide excellent customer services. This way, people won’t feel confused or lost whenever they need commuting information and assistance.

If public transportation service operators continue to provide excellent services, more and more commuters will be satisfied with their performance. With this, they can help build a better community where people will no longer need to feel constantly stressed and anxious whenever they need to commute. Instead, they can continue looking forward to their daily commutes, expecting that they can enjoy another day of traveling to places.

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What Exactly Does “Thinking Outside The Box” Even Mean?

You’ve probably heard this worn-out advice across books, speakers, and even from your friends, and it’s “thinking outside the box.” And while we all like to assume that we understand what it means, more often than not, we actually have no clue on where to begin. For starters, what type of box is the advice trying to tell you about, and why does it exist to imprison your level of imagination?

As a result, we naturally adopt this advice ourselves and pass it on to more unsuspecting victims who also don’t know what to do with it. Thus, causing widespread misinformation and people falling into the norm of accepting without understanding. So to end this monotonous cycle, let’s break down what “thinking outside the box” really means.

Exploring Concepts More Critically

At its core, and basing it from a more academic point of view, “thinking outside the box,” dominantly refers to the practice of critical thinking and exploring concepts more critically. It encourages an individual to exhaust all other options available to them, exploring their effects, benefits, and consequences, before fully committing to a plan. Basically, the quote links directly to another common advice, which is making smart decisions.

It’s Applicable Almost Everywhere

With definition and explanation out of the way, we also need to understand that this type of advice is multi-faceted. And because it’s applicable almost everywhere, there’s no situation or challenge where you can’t bring up the concept of outside-the-box thinking. So for the sake of awareness and knowledge, let us also explore some examples where thinking outside the box plays an essential role.

#1 Reinventing Your Business Model

The world of business can be harsh and unforgiving, and any well-established entrepreneur can attest that having an edge in your industry is ultimately the deciding factor in success and profitability. As such, thinking outside the box is a necessary process that business owners encounter on a daily basis. Teams are encouraged and often required to innovate and place themselves in the shoes of customers.

So whether a business offers deluxe jewelry retouching services or operates tech manufacturing and warehousing, critical thinking will always be a mainstay. And with the vastly changing business environment, reinventing their business models has now become a top priority.

#2 Overcoming State-Policy Challenges

State and local governments constantly face an uphill battle of state-policy challenges, and most of the time, there is no clear black-and-white answer that can appease the need of the public. And because fundamental fiscal policy challenges operate within a gray area, outside-the-box solutions are a necessary step forward to achieve the greater good. In fact, here we see the importance of understanding different perspectives ranging from private companies, public interest, and general welfare.

So in the case of governance, we can evidently see the implication and inherent need for thinking outside the box because there is often no clear-cut answer to solve a wide array of problems. Everything comes at an opportunity cost, and all decisions have their own drawbacks and shortcomings.

#3 Finishing Your Essay

Last but not least, even finishing your essay is another task that heavily depends on thinking outside the box so that you can come up with a compelling and comprehensive output. And whether you’re writing about microaggressions for your English class or working on a scientific paper for Biology, any written work requires you to exhaust all possible references and research to your heart’s content.

Thus, this proves that even at the basic level and trivial matters, thinking outside the box plays an essential role and is most likely happening to you right now. The only problem is that it goes unnoticed, and a lot of us put too much weight on this advice when we’re very well-versed in going above and beyond.

So How Do You Do It?

Frankly, the honest answer to that question is, it depends. “Thinking outside the box” comes in many forms, and from a general point of view, all it’s telling us is to be critical thinkers. But hey, the practice of critical thinking isn’t bad advice, and maybe all you needed was that simple reminder to be more open-minded.