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What is treasure hunting?

Treasure hunting refers to the activity of searching for hidden or valuable items, artifacts, or treasures. It involves exploring various locations, such as land or underwater, with the aim of discovering items of historical, cultural, or monetary significance. Treasure hunting can be done as a recreational hobby, a professional pursuit, or as part of archaeological or historical research.

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What is stamping?

Stamping, in the context of arts and crafts, refers to a technique where an image or design is transferred onto a surface using a stamp. A stamp is typically a carved or molded piece made of rubber, foam, or other materials, with a raised design or pattern on one side. The stamp is coated with ink or paint, and then pressed onto the desired surface, such as paper, fabric, or wood, to create the impression of the design.

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What is whittling?

Whittling is a traditional woodworking craft that involves carving shapes and designs into a piece of wood using a knife or other sharp tool. The process of whittling typically involves removing small pieces of wood from a larger block or stick of wood, using a combination of slicing, scraping, and cutting motions to create the desired shape or design.

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