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Best Tips in Boosting Your Business’ Customer Retention

The core of any business is selling products/services to its customers, both new and current. While companies need to attract new customers consistently, it’s just as vital to retain current customers and have them continue doing business with you. Not only does customer retention guarantee that your business stays afloat, but it also contributes to attracting potential customers — customer retention gives the impression of consistent customer satisfaction, which can be a major deciding factor for potential customers when choosing which brand/business to purchase certain products/services from.
As such, we’ll be taking a look at different tips on how your business can improve its customer retention and subsequently boost your business:

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What does Doxing mean?

Doxing (or sometimes doxxing) comes from the word documents and is a relatively new word. It is an internetbased practise of indentifying personal information and broadcasting it. This is done by searching publicly available information and databases and doing some social engineering. In some cases the information that was gathered might have been gathered in an unethical or unjust manner. It is used to aid law enforcement, risk analysis or publicly shaming a person or organisation.

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Corporate Giveaway Item Ideas That Won’t End Up in the Trash Bin

Companies need to invest in advertising as a way to promote their products and services. You can promote your brand in various ways. Popular social media platforms, for example, can help you reach your target audience. There are millions of social media users as of date, so there is a high chance you can reach your target customers through social media advertising.

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