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What does retweet mean?

Retweet is a Twitter term

Retweet (RT) is a term used on Twitter. You can compare it to a forward from an email. With a retweet ' forward ' you get a message from someone else to your own network of Twitter followers. You do this because it is a nice or good message that you want to share with people. Within Twitter you do this by RT or retweet. If the Twitter user watbetekent so says: Yo
u really have to go to and retweet you, then you say
RT @watbetekent you really have to go to or
retweet @watbetekent you really have to go to

What does Malware mean?

Malware is malicious software

Malware is a generic name for malicious and/or malicious software. It is often designed with a criminal purpose (by coming back from people's passwords, or finding information). Malware is the collective name of viruses, Trojan horses, rootkits, spyware, dialers, botnets, malicious websites, tracking cookies, etc. It descends from the English "malicious software". Read More

What does VOIP mean?

In Voice over IP or VoIP, the Internet or any other IP network is used to transport voice. This enables telephony on data networks and the possibility of merging the formerly traditionally separated worlds of speech and data. As a result, only one infrastructure is needed and new products and services can also be developed. Working with VoIP-based telephone exchanges has now become commonplace within companies. The term VoIP is often falsely used to point to the actual transfer of votes rather than to its protocol.