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What is aquascaping?

Aquascaping is the art and practice of creating and arranging plants, rocks, driftwood, and other decorative elements in aquariums to create visually appealing underwater landscapes. It involves designing and arranging the elements in a way that mimics natural landscapes, such as forests, mountains, or underwater ecosystems like coral reefs. Aquascaping is popular among aquarium enthusiasts and is often seen as a form of artistic expression within the hobby. It requires knowledge of aquatic plants, fishkeeping, horticulture, and design principles to create balanced and aesthetically pleasing underwater environments.

What is kandilli rasathanesi?

Kandilli Rasathanesi is an observatory and earthquake research institute located in Istanbul, Turkey. It was founded in 1868 as a meteorological observatory by the Ottoman Empire, and over time its research focus shifted to include geophysics and seismology. Today, Kandilli Rasathanesi is a leading institution for monitoring and researching seismic activity in Turkey and the surrounding region. Its work is important for developing earthquake preparedness measures and helping to reduce the risk of damage and loss of life from earthquakes. In addition to its scientific work, Kandilli Rasathanesi is also a popular tourist destination in Istanbul, with a museum and observation deck that offer visitors a chance to learn about earthquakes and see the instruments used to study them.

What is LivePanel?

LivePanel is a panel that is alive, or in more descriptive words: it is a living wall. LivePanel is a system that is developed (and patented) by Mobilane a company that has several ways of turning your workspace or livingspace in something more green and healthy. Because a green environment is not only good for the environment and your status as a company but it is actually good for the well-being of your employees: when employees are happier, in a more comfortable space they automaticly become more productive which is good for the company they work for.

The LivePanel is a wall system that has various gutters and plant cassettes that are attached to the wall (if desired or needed there can also be a frame). The (unique) plant cassettes can be simply attached to the gutters and the cloth in the cassettes will come in contact with the water. The roots of the plants intertwine with the cloth and so a nice living wall is formed. And with the attachment of a water pump the water level can be kept constant

The LivePanel is suitable for use indoor and outdoor so there is always a way to make your building more green. When you have a certain type of plant you want, or one that is already heavily present you can ofcourse use those plants. But Mobilane is also able to make a plant selection or advise on a suitable plant mix for your use: there is a big difference for outdoor and indoor plants of course, but location of the wall can also be of influence, or the type of work that gets done in the surroundings. The people of Mobilane are ready to advise on the best plants for the situation.

Depending on the season and the plants that are used, the growing process takes at least twelve weeks, so do not expect an instant grown living wall.

Image credit: Mobilane

What is dog food?

Dog food (or at least, good dog food) is food that is specifically tailored for dogs. We can all understand that a dog has different needs than cats, horses or humans so it is only natural that they have their own food you can buy. There are, of course, a lot of ingredients and needs we have in common but and some dogs eat anything and others might be a bit picky. Just bear in mind there is good and bad food for anyone.

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Garden Design Tips for New Homeowners

Setting up your own outdoor space will always be an exciting part of owning a property. If you are a new homeowner, you are likely eagerly anticipating landscaping your very own garden where you can relax and spend many fun-filled afternoons. Everyone deserves a space to break away from all the stress of work and home duties, and your garden can be that place of much-needed de-stressing.

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