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Garden Design Tips for New Homeowners

Setting up your own outdoor space will always be an exciting part of owning a property. If you are a new homeowner, you are likely eagerly anticipating landscaping your very own garden where you can relax and spend many fun-filled afternoons. Everyone deserves a space to break away from all the stress of work and home duties, and your garden can be that place of much-needed de-stressing.

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Companies Can Give Back in These Progressive Ways

Companies, making up a majority of the big players in the economy throughout the world, can really enact change when they put their resources into it. People are already familiar with big brands that have advertised their contributions in their marketing, but here are some ways that other companies are giving back and making a positive change.

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What is Vital Plan?

Vital Plan was founded by father-daughter team Dr. Bill Rawls and Braden Rawls, Vital Plan was conceived as a reliable place to find potent, high-quality herbal and natural supplements. By formulating science-backed blends, partnering with reputable ingredient suppliers, and performing third-party testing on every product, Vital Plan is able to provide doctor-recommended, effective supplements customers can rely on. And because Vital Plan believes business should be used as a force for good, they’re proud to be a certified B Corporation® and a Pledge 1% partner.  Vital Plan Select provides our customers CBD products, offering Full-Spectrum, Terpene-Rich Hemp Oils and Joint Rubs.

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Essential Tips on Mowing Your Lawn the Right Way

Taking care of your lawn is crucial if you want to make your entire property look attractive among neighbors and on-lookers. A well-maintained lawn can also help in increasing your property’s value, especially when you are planning to sell your home soon. You can do the lawn maintenance on your own, or hire commercial landscaping services in South County.

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What is a heat wave?

A heat wave is a period with high temperatures

In The Netherlands we are going out of a heat wave if there are at least 5 summer days (25 degrees or higher) consecutively, there must also be another 3 tropical (30 degrees or higher). In general, this is based on the temperature in de Bilt (if one is based on a different place or region, it is a regional heat wave and not a rural one). Heat waves have been maintained since 1901 by the KNMI. The heat wave of 2018 was just not the longest heat wave since the measurements (15 days). Read More

What is StockUnlimited?

StockUnlimited is a stockphoto website

StockUnlimited is a stock image service that allows subscribers to download an unlimited number of images and vectors each month. That’s what makes it different from many of the other stock image options available.

StockUnlimited is a stock photography, vector, clipart and audio provider. The service is based on a subscription-based model. For a monthly fee, subscribers can download as many files as they need for a number of projects.

You can find stock graphics, stock images, icons, buttons, backgrounds, textures and even audio files (audio downloads require a separate plan). The StockUnlimited database is growing all the time and includes 1 Million+ Visuals for Businesses & Professionals.

The service includes photography as well as vector assets. Everything is easy to search and it’s all included in your monthly plan. (You’ll never have to guess if an image is included or not.) says one of the content marketer at Contractor Accountancy firm.

Plus, downloads are easy. There’s no guesswork or credits to deal with. There aren’t any expiring downloads or limitations on the number of files you can use. Every plan is 100 percent unlimited. So whether you use just a handful of images or if you are a heavy user of stock imagery, StockUnlimited is a good fit.

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