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What is dog food?

Dog food (or at least, good dog food) is food that is specifically tailored for dogs. We can all understand that a dog has different needs than cats, horses or humans so it is only natural that they have their own food you can buy. There are, of course, a lot of ingredients and needs we have in common but and some dogs eat anything and others might be a bit picky. Just bear in mind there is good and bad food for anyone.

Farm Food is a brand that has been making dog food since 1982 and they produce food that is nutritious for dogs in every phase of their lives. They are free of any artificial coloring or tasting: just clean and pure natural ingredients.

Another high-quality producer of dog food is Royal Canin. The dog food of Royal Canin is produced in collaboration with dog breeders, veterinarians and universities just to make the best quality food for your favorite pet. With more than 100 different food products they make for especially for your breed of dog. When buying this specific food, you are certain that your pet gets the right food with all the right nutrients.

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