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Keeping Your Cool: Effective Tips on Handling Customer Complaints

As the adage goes, “the customer is always right.” Without them, no one will patronize your business. If no one patronizes your business, there will be no profit for your business, so you might as well close your business after all. That is why companies, especially the big ones, turn to Philippine customer service outsourcing to help them deal with customer concerns whenever and wherever they are.

How you treat your customers should not only about giving them discounts and all sorts of promos that can appeal to them. Rather, giving your customers the best service should extend even after they have checked out the cashier counter. However, there are most times that customer service personnel encounter irate customers that can test one’s level of patience.

Dealing with customer complaints the right way

Not everyone may not be meant to work in this department. But if you do decide to join the customer service league, there will be a lot of training that you will undergo to be fit in this position. After all, you will be carrying the company and the brand it represents to the public. Here are tips to effectively handle customer concerns and complaints.

Listen to them and do not think of it as being personal.

You should understand that in many cases, emotions will be high on the customers’ side. Let them rant or express their disappointment and thoughts about the product or service. Don’t think of it as being too personal – most customers complain because they want to see improvement in the company’s products and services.

Put yourself in their shoes.

Stay calm and acknowledge their concerns. Assure them that you understand their situation, and you are there to help them with their woes. That way, customers will realize that you care for them, and they will be willing to cooperate with you to solve any issues.

Provide a solution.

Offer them options that can help solve their problems. However, make sure that these solutions comply with the company’s rules, regulations, and guidelines. More importantly, keep your promise and commit to it until it is solved.

The reality of working in customer service

Those who work in the customer service department know it all too well. More often than not, there will always be at least one customer that can test their patience. We may not realize it, but working in the customer service department can be one of the most stressful jobs one can ever have.

As customer service personnel, you have to be knowledgeable about the company’s products or services. You might also have to be trained to troubleshoot and solve customers’ issues about the said products or services. And yes, they undergo training to handle customer complaints – and it’s not easy.

These people behind the counter or on the other side of the phone or keyboard are people, too. They can lose their patience and get stressed as well, especially when they handle too many complaints.

Then again, it is part of the job, and you are hired to help customers solve their problems with your products or services. It can be satisfying knowing that you have helped customers solve their concerns.

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