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Children’s Book Writing 101: Things You Need to Know Before Publication

Writing for children is never easy. And being an expert in adult literature doesn’t mean that you can churn out a best-selling children’s book overnight. In fact, writing in this genre can be equally challenging and would require in-depth knowledge of how children process and react to stories. The writing process will force you to imagine being a child again, an exercise that can be both exciting and difficult. So before you rush into sending a draft to a publisher or hiring a self-publishing company, consider these tips first:

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Four Car Upgrades That Are Always Worth The Money

Do you think your car has become boring? Maybe it is time for an upgrade. You do not have to go the expensive route, though. You can simply add some interesting touches to your auto. Initially, you may be too stressed about it, thinking that it may affect your car’s value. But when you put the right upgrades, you will probably get a more worthwhile driving experience. On top of that, the upgrades that you have will tell a lot about your personality; hence, add character to the vehicle.

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Family Mementos: How Should You Invest and Keep Them?

Today, most of our memories are stored digitally. But some special moments are best remembered by the experience that went with it, too. These don’t have to be lavish vacations or jaw-dropping gestures. Instead, it is often the simpler but more meaningful things we do that matter more, especially if they are done together.

Don’t Disregard Physical Pictures

Photos of newborns are unique, for instance. Despite the global influx of digital photography, in places like Utah, newborn photographers are still popular. Not only can you and your baby get professionally-taken photographs, but you can also bond over the experience. You can share the thrill of posing with the props and feel the love for each other with every shot.

As your child ages, you can look back at these photos as a beautiful way of remembering how everything used to be. Typically, the photographer will offer you a soft copy of the shoot. But isn’t it also more heartwarming to hold the actual memories in your hand?

When your child is of age, you can even pass on some of the photos to them. This way, when they start their own families, they can look back at simpler times and talk about what it was like to be a child during their time.

Bond With Scrapbooking

Scrapbooking used to be way more popular. Everyone from their aunt to the cool kids next door had a version of their own.

Nowadays, it is seen as a time-consuming old-fashioned hobby. It is perceived as something to pour over more as an obligation to older relatives than anything else.

But craft stores abound, and millennials opt for more experiential moments. Scrapbooking is the perfect way to commemorate these events. They don’t need to be professional-looking or prim and proper, either. The whole point of scrapbooking is to save memories and keepsakes the way you want to. You could stick photos and important items on a blank scrapbook and label them with colorful markers. Or you could use various scrapbooking materials, like picture stickers, patterned paper, and the like.

You do scrapbooking how you want to. Best of all, you can invite loved ones to take part with you. Imagine the laughs and happy tears you’ll share reminiscing about each item. Scrapbooks are like time capsules that you can share for generations.

Grow With A Plant

When your child is born, why not celebrate the occasion by planting a tree for them? If you don’t have the lawn space, you can approach your local orchard and ask them if they can purchase a tree named after your child. You could also contact non-profit eco-friendly organizations. Ask if they will be willing to let you sponsor a tree under your child’s name.

As your child grows, so will the tree. Everyone can see the growth from a baby to an adult and from a seedling to a tree. If you choose to opt for a fruit-bearing tree, perhaps you and your family can even harvest a few.

As they grow older, they can continue to grow with their tree and reap the bounty it gives. This activity can go on even until your child has little ones of their own with who they can bring to visit. If you’re the grandparent, you can make it a multi-generational family affair by inviting them over to bake with the tree’s harvest.

There are lots of inexpensive ways to preserve special moments, especially with family. You need only some creativity and a lot of memories to keep.

Photo by Tyler Nix on Unsplash