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Garden Design Tips for New Homeowners

Setting up your own outdoor space will always be an exciting part of owning a property. If you are a new homeowner, you are likely eagerly anticipating landscaping your very own garden where you can relax and spend many fun-filled afternoons. Everyone deserves a space to break away from all the stress of work and home duties, and your garden can be that place of much-needed de-stressing.

Of course, getting a landscaping contractor in Layton will be the first thing on your mind. However, before you call for professional help, you should know what you want for your garden to set your own preferences and keep the design personal. Here are some tips to consider:

Plan your ideal garden set-up

You dream of this garden enough to know what you want. Setting up your own garden is a realization of that dream. However, that should not be the only consideration. An ideal garden set-up fulfills a purpose. What would be the role of your garden in your everyday life? What would you want to do when you spend time in your garden?

The best way to conceptualize that is to spend time in your garden. Spend some hours in the space and feel what you would need at that very moment.

Do a reality check

After checking what’s ideal, it’s time for a reality check. Check the physical features of your garden and what it can accommodate. Consider the usual weather in the area and how your garden can adapt to that.

Also, check your budget. There are a lot of things that you can include in your garden, but you don’t want to break the bank with your landscaping plans. Keep things practical, instead. Check the time you are willing to commit to maintaining your garden. If you have limited time, choose landscape aspects that will not require your constant attention.

Know the best elements to include for aesthetics

With your ideals and limitations set, decide on the splashes of color, the height of elements, and the texture that you want for your garden. Make them vary, and make them blend. Create a checklist of elements to include in your garden.

You might want flower beds at the edge, pathways around the area, or a lush lawn. Decide on focal points that will capture people’s interest. Finalize your plans considering that repetition unifies the elements, and occasional new elements break the monotony. Lastly, include white flowers to illuminate the night when you light up your personal outdoor space. Speaking of lighting up the place, you should also include proper lighting in your design and list of expenses. Adequate lighting in your garden does not only make for a more beautiful space, but also for a safe one.

Include one or two focal points

A focal point in a garden set-up is simply an element that draws the eyes’ attention to it. It could be a gazebo in the middle of the lawn, a water feature, or a fire pit. In fact, it could be anything as long as it stands out in comparison with all other landscape elements surrounding it.

By having focal points around your yard, you can ensure that guests will have something to talk about when they visit. It will also guarantee you a source of pride knowing that people appreciate your focal points for their sheer beauty.

When you’re all set, seek an expert’s take to make your dream garden a reality.

Photo by Andre Benz on Unsplash

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