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Invest in These Basic Supplies for Your Dress Shop

Owning a dress shop can be an excellent livelihood source since clothing is one of the necessities that people spend their money on. If you’re planning to open one and are a bit unsure of what supplies your dress shop supplies, then this list should help you.

First, you have to look around to find affordable yet high-quality mannequin for sale in Australia. There are many suppliers of mannequins in the country, so this should be an easy task to do. Mannequins are essential in any dress shop since you will use them to fit your best clothes for customers to see. It’s a way of highlighting your latest model or items that are on sale.

Here are the other dress shop essential supplies that you must get for your shop:

Clothing racks

Clothing racks help organize displays without taking up too much space. They can also be moved from one place to another, so it’s easy to reorganize your shop’s layout as you please. There are likewise many designs to choose from, so getting ones that complement your shop’s theme will not be an issue.

Baskets and trolleys

Baskets and trolleys are other must-have items for your shop, especially if you have a large one. Just like in supermarkets and hardware stores, buyers need baskets and trolleys to put their choice of clothes into as they go around your shop. You can have as many baskets and trolleys as you need, particularly if you regularly welcome a lot of customers into your shop.


No dress shop should exist without mirrors. Buyers use mirrors to see if the clothes they’re holding fit them perfectly or look good on them. For dress shops, vanity-style mirrors are generally recommended because they cover a person’s body from head to foot. You should have mirrors on your fitting rooms and some near your displays so customers will have options where to test-fit your displays.

Display cabinets

Display cabinets – whether wall-mounted, countertop or freestanding – are essential supplies in any dress shop. They are excellent means of organizing and displaying your different items, particularly the ones you would like to highlight for potential buyers. You can have wooden, glass, metal, or composite display cabinets (a combination of wood and glass, metal and glass, and so on) in strategic areas inside your shop. If you can, go for ones that can be moved easily so you can reorganize when needed.

Fitting room

Like in malls, dress shops should also have fitting rooms, especially if they have items that must be fitted by customers like jeans, shirts, and dresses. You can have permanent fitting rooms or go for portable ones for effortless storage.

Display tables, dump bins, and cubes

These three supplies will allow you to display and highlight items that are on sale or have just arrived in store. Almost all dress shop suppliers offer these items so you should not have a hard time sourcing the right ones for your shop.

Be sure to invest in these essential supplies to make sure that your shop will be organized and your items properly displayed. This way, buyers will have an easy time moving inside your shop and effortlessly find your best clothing products.

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