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Home Bowling Alley: What You Need to Have It

Bowling can be a fun one-on-one or family sport that you can enjoy not just inside a commercial bowling alley but even inside your home. Yes, you can enjoy your own home bowling alley.

These days, some companies can provide custom home bowling alleys in the State of Pennsylvania and other states across the country. They can design, supply, and install all your needed bowling equipment so that you can enjoy a game of bowling whenever you feel like it.

But what exactly do you need to have a functional bowling alley at home? Here are some of the must-have bowling equipment and accessories for every home alley:


Lanes are where the bowling ball rolls towards the pins and one of the most-used components of any bowling alley. With this, most companies choose to install Brunswick lanes that are proven to be competition-ready with their hard-wearing surface. You may have the traditional standard lane color or opt for a color that is more vibrant and appealing. You can have a single-lane, dual-lane, or even an eight-lane set-up depending on your budget and available space.


Lighting is another critical bowling accessory to consider. It can be a straightforward, white-only lighting set-up, or you could go for mood lighting to match your preferred theme. These days, LED lights have become so advanced that it’s easy to achieve extraordinary lighting set-ups. Don’t be afraid to go crazy on your alley’s lighting to ramp up the fun factor.


Pinsetters are there so that people won’t have to manually recover the pins and re-set them after every throw of the ball. Fortunately, there are many pinsetter products from reliable brands, so getting one that suits your budget and needs is never an issue.

Scoring system

You need a reliable scoring system that is also easy to understand. This one won’t be an issue because there are dozens of bowling scoring system products available in the market today. Some can even store individual scores on the cloud and establish a player’s profile and stat sheet for reference.


No, you can’t have those Boost or AirMax kicks as your official bowling footwear. Bowling alleys should have special shoes that offer excellent traction and stability to let the bowler score strike after strike. You can have as many bowling shoes as you want, but be sure to have at least pairs of a specific shoe size for good measure.


How can a bowling alley be complete if there are no bowling balls? You can have as many bowling balls as you wish, but 20 would be a good number to start. Ideally, the balls should be color-coded based on their respective weight so that players would have an easy time choosing the ball that they are most comfortable with.


Whether we’re talking about duckpins or tenpins, your home bowling alley should have them on stand-by. Installers of custom home alleys have a ready inventory of various bowling pins, so you only have to choose which ones you need.

Ball ramps

Lastly, you need a reliable ball ramp to feed the bowling balls towards you. Like pinsetters, ball ramps are automated, so you won’t need to get them from the other end of the lane.

With this bowling equipment, your installer of choice won’t have a hard time completing your desired home bowling alley so you can enjoy a match with family and friends whenever you feel like it.

Photo by Benjamin Faust on Unsplash

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