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What is speedrun?

A speedrun is a type of video game playthrough where the player attempts to complete a game or level as quickly as possible, often using various strategies, glitches, and shortcuts to achieve the fastest time possible. Speedrunning can be done for any type of game, from classic arcade games to modern console titles, and has become a popular activity in the gaming community. Speedrunning often requires a deep understanding of game mechanics, level layouts, and enemy behavior, as well as a significant amount of practice and skill. Many speedrunners also compete against each other to see who can achieve the fastest time for a particular game or level.

What is Tetris?

Tetris is a classic tile-matching puzzle video game that was first created in 1984 by Alexey Pajitnov, a Russian computer engineer. The game consists of a grid in which various shapes composed of four squares, known as tetrominoes, fall from the top of the screen. The player must manipulate these shapes as they fall in order to complete lines across the screen and clear the playfield.

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What does RPG mean?

RPG stands for “role-playing game.” In an RPG, players typically assume the roles of characters in a fictional setting, make decisions and take actions that determine the outcome of the game. RPGs often involve elements of storytelling, character development, and progression, where characters can earn experience points and level up, gain new abilities, and acquire new equipment. RPGs can be played solo or with multiple players, and can be tabletop games, video games, or live-action role-playing games.

What is the Switch?

The Switch is a game console

The Nintendo Switch is a game console that you can use at home on the couch, but also on the go if you are in the train, or if you are in the waiting room. With the Nintendo Switch you play your favorite game wherever you want: everywhere and with everyone. You can connect it to the TV and enjoy a big screen, but without TV it is also good to do. The 2 controllers can be used together or separately, they are called Joy-Con-controllers. The standard joy-con controllers are neon red and neon blue. Give a controller to a friend and go and play together. If you didn't ever have enough time to play a game and so had to stop, you'll get the idea of the Nintendo Switch: You need to adjust your OT, and you just take your game console on the go to continue where you left off. Read More

What is Foursquare?

Foursquare is a location based Twitter

With FourSquare, users can share tips from location. It is about tips of the form: in this restaurant they have good food, in this café it is always too busy on Sunday afternoon, etc. Users of FourSquare get points for the tips, and also points for check-in at a location. Check-in is meant to indicate: I am now present at this location. The idea here is firstly that you can see your friends. So it is a website (with applications for your mobile phone) with three goals:

  1. Mobile Friends Viewfinder
  2. Tips for a city
  3. Game

The game element is thus in the points, and for certain actions you get a badge (this may be frequent check-in on a day, often leaving a tip, adding new locations, etc.). In this way the game element is thus as many points as possible, but also collect as many badges as possible. In America it is already normal, but Dutch companies are now playing in this. If you are mayor of a location, you can get free things. Check out the Snack square website to see the Dutch participants.

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