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Diamond Pigs

Diamond Pigs is a service that uses AI-powered trading bots to automate cryptocurrency trades. Diamond Pigs offers automated trading bots that use AI to analyze the market and identify profitable opportunities for buying and selling cryptocurrencies. They claim the bots target “fundamentally strong coins” to minimize risk.

They have been in the news some times because of the effectiveness of their trading. It still all depends on how much money you put in to it and how the market is at the moment. When you become a member you can connect your favourite exchange (at the moment they offer: Bitvavo, Binance, Kraken, Bybit, Huobi and WhiteBIT.

You have the option to disable coins that you don’t want the bot to trade. So when you have an account on one of these platforms with a wallet with several coins (for example: BTC, Pepe, Sol, ETC) but you want to HODL the BTC you can exclude that from the bot. The trades are determined by the bot (and it is advised to not interfere with this and also trade yourself). You pay a small percentage of management mee (between 0,1% and 0.25% depending on the strategy you choose) and a unique 15% performance fee. This seems steep, but when there is no profit made, you don’t pay anything.

Overall, Diamond Pigs seems like a service that allows for automated cryptocurrency trading using AI bots. However, due diligence is recommended before using any such service. It would be wise to carefully assess their platform, user reviews and understand the inherent risks of cryptocurrency trading before making any decisions.

Of course there is a trial period to check it out, but also a way to calculate how it would have performed if you started earlier. They call this play mode where you select your investment, the chosen strategy and a startdate and based on historical data they will show how much you could have proffitted from this service.

Check out Diamond Pigs and let AI do the crypto thinking for you!

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