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What is rughooking?

Rug hooking is a traditional craft that involves creating a rug or other textile by pulling loops of yarn or fabric through a stiff woven base material such as burlap or linen. Rug hooking can be done by hand, using a specialized tool called a rug hook, or with a mechanized tool such as a punch needle.

The process of rug hooking typically begins with the design of the rug, which can be a simple or complex pattern depending on the skill level of the crafter. The design is then transferred onto the base material, which is stretched onto a frame to keep it taut during the hooking process. The crafter then selects and cuts pieces of yarn or fabric into small strips, which are pulled through the base material using the rug hook or punch needle to create loops. The loops are then trimmed to create a flat surface.

Rug hooking has a long history, dating back to the 19th century in North America and Europe, and has been used to create a wide range of textile products including rugs, wall hangings, chair pads, and other decorative items. Today, rug hooking remains a popular craft with many enthusiasts around the world, who continue to create beautiful and unique pieces using this traditional technique.

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