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What is Napflix?

Napflix is a Netflix sleep

Netflix is a provider of series and movies, but Napflix is a kind of parody on it. It's a kind of Netflix but then with boring content, but that's right conscious. It's a streaming service to let you sleep, meant for people who often have trouble getting asleep. Napflix offers several soporific films that should help in getting asleep. Check out Read More

What is Chromecast?

Chromecast is a HDMI stick

The Chromecast is a product of Google, and is a small dongle that needs to be plugged into an HDMI socket on your television. Then you can use your tablet, smartphone or laptop to determine what is being played on the television. The Chromecast seems to be a USB stick (it also has a USB connection to power the device) and connects to a network via WiFi. Meanwhile, there are a number of applications where it is possible to send the content to the Chromecast. The Chromecast then extracts itself the video or photo material via internet WiFi. It is not the case that the content of your phone is streamed to the television. The device has been available since the end of July 2013 (in the Netherlands only from October) and costs 35 to 40 euro. The primary goal of the Chromecast is to play video, music and photos. Meanwhile, there is also a Chromecast-Ultra available that can be used with 4k quality images. For more information please check out Product guide Chromecast. Read More

What does MTV mean?

MTV means Music Television

MTV is a television network that started in 1981 with a new concept: the non-stop broadcasting of (music) video clips. The network started with the broadcasting of "Video killed the radio star" of the Buggles. From the start the station was popular and played an important role for Western culture. MTV has played an important role not only in the field of music, but also in fashion and film areas. Meanwhile, MTV has many music stations (MTV Nederland, TMF, VH1, etc.), and the station has less and fewer music, but gets over to music-related programs (reality shows of pop stars, animated series). In these times, MTV still stands for the youth culture, with roots in music, but not just music. Watch the MTV content on the website. MTV start [YouTube] DKkJk51oa6A [/youtube]

MTV means mobile surveillance security

Mobile surveillance safety is a control task that is regulated by law. The control is aimed at natural persons who travel from another Schengen country to the Netherlands, and is carried out by the Royal Military Police. The control consists inter alia From a check on correct travel documents, outstanding fines or other offences and crimes. The mobile aspect consists of the fact that the checks are carried out randomly with the help of trooper vehicles on roads, trains, water and air traffic. Previously MTV meant mobile surveillance aliens

What is deeplinking?

Deep linking is hyperlinking to a section of a website

By creating a deeplink, a user is immediately directed to the right content (instead of To a meaningless home page). Search engines use deep links to determine the quality of a website (quality score), if there are many deep links, then it is an interesting site than the reasoning. A deeplink to this page is: In the past, there have been lawsuits to deep linking, because news sites In particular were not happy with the fact that people directly linked to an article (which caused them to miss a lot of ad revenues on the home page). Therefore, it is not allowed in all countries either.

What does ACTA mean?

ACTA means Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement

The ACTA is an initiative from Japan and the United States, where the idea is to achieve a global standard of enforcement of intellectual property rights. This would make it easier to deal with the production of illegal, copied goods internationally. Countries can participate voluntarily, at present there are several countries involved (O. M: Japan, United States, Singapore, Canada and the European Union. The ACTA will focus on three key areas:

  1. International cooperation for enforcement
  2. Exchanging a good working approach
  3. Legally working together to combat piracy

From a European point of view, in Brussels there is an increasing commotion about ACTA because it also involves far-off measures to combat digital piracy. The so-called ' three strikes policy ' encounters resistance (three times being caught on illegal downloading resulting in closure of the Internet). In addition, there is greater responsibility for Internet providers and content should be actively filtered. More information and starting points on the website of the Ministry of Economic Affairs. Google D.C. Talk: ACTA-The Global Treaty That Could reshape The Internet