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The Short History of Memes — The Only Internet Currency

Memes have always been integrated into the internet. There was no meme before the internet – only satirical comics and funnies all over. The word meme never even existed before 1976. The meme is defined as a unit that describes the excessive copying and imitation of one event or snapshot of a certain element of culture.

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What is a mannequinchallenge?

The Mannequinchallenge is a video meme

The Mannequin Challenge is a viral video meme in which people stand still like mannequins. In these video’s you’ll follow the camera through a room of people who are standing still (like a freezeframe) in the middle of what they were doing. Often the video’s have background music too. The meme started on highschools in America, but has gone worldwide since then. There has even been a mannequinchallenge in the White House and in the International Space Station.

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Dab and dabbing

What is dabbing?

Dabbing is doing the dab dance move

Dabbing, or doing the dab, is a dance move in which the dancer simultaneously raises his arm and elbow while dropping his head. It looks like you are sneezing in your elbow.

Even though the dab is still very popular, it has been around since the beginning of 2015. Cam Newton‘s (a football player) started the dab movement by doing his dab move after a touchdown against the Titans.

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