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What is Echo?

Echo is a smart speaker

The Amazon Echo (and the Echo Dot) is a smart speaker developed by Amazon. The Echo can play music of course, but also comes with a built-in virtual assistant called Alexa. Via Alexa, speech recognition can perform commands such as playing music, setting up an alarm or reading the weather forecast or traffic information. Alexa also works with several IOT devices, so you can also ask Alexa to put your smart thermostat a few degrees higher. And of course you can easily order products from Amazon via the ultrasound. Read More

What does WoW mean?

WoW means World Of Warcraft

Wow is a MMORPG game (one player makes its own character and runs around in a virtual world). In the world of WoW running computerized characters and human players around, and this world is always online (except at times when the servers are in maintenance). The game has been released in 2003 by Blizzard Entertainment and has won many prizes. After all these years, the number of online players is still huge and is currently around 15 million users. These pay an amount every month to be able to play (continue). Online There are many parodies of the famous game. For more information about the game, go to the website.