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What does BIC mean?

BIC means Bank identification Code

The BIC code is a code that identifies a bank in international payment transactions. Each bank has its own unique BIC. Another common name for the BIC code is swift address or swift code. For international Payment transactions (payment of a foreign invoice), both the BIC code and the IBAN code are required.

Here a list of BIC codes from a number of large Dutch and Belgian banks:

  • Aegon Bank: AEGONL2U
  • C & E Bankers: CEBUNL2U
  • Citybank International: CITINL2X
  • DSB Bank: DSSBNL22
  • F. Van Lanshot Bankers: FVLBNL22
  • Fortis Bank: FTSBNL2R
  • Friesland Bank: FRBKNL2L
  • ING Bank: INGBNL2A
  • Rabobank: RABONL2U
  • SNS Bank: SNSBNL2A

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