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What are kidney stones?

Kidney stones are stone-shaped abnormalities

Kidney stones form in the renal pelvis and are an often occurring problem (in males it is more common than in women). Usually the kidney stones arise between the 20th and the 30th year of life and it seems to occur more and more frequently (this probably depends on lifestyle and eating habits). In The Netherlands It has an estimated 1% kidney stones but only 0.1% actually suffer from it. Kidney stones are caused by oversaturation of the urine with crystals, where several factors play a role: not enough drinking, too much excretion of crystals, disturbance of the acidity (PH value) of the urine or a shortage of certain Crystals. Usually there are characteristic violent pain attacks and blood in the urine in people with kidney stones, but can also occur without these symptoms. The diagnosis is often confirmed by the spontaneous urination of a stone or by a radiological examination. When a lot of kidney stones are affected, it can be decided to refine them (this can be from the outside). With an ultrasound, the position of the stone is determined and then shock waves are fired (about 3000 times in succession). The large amount of shocks is a bit apart.

Information film Kidney stone pulveriser [YouTube] IZAsFyb1f6Q [/youtube]

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