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What are AirPods?

AirPods are Apple earphones

The AirPods are the latest earphones from Apple. It means the end of the "old fashioned" wired earbuds. It's even so that the latest IPhone 7 doesn't have any headphone input anymore. Users can only use the revamped Earpods with a lightning connection, or the new Apple AirPods. Airpods effortlessly connect with your iPhone. The wireless earphones have a W1 chip. Thanks to specially developed sensors, the Airpods directly recognize whether you wear them or not. The battery of the caps will take about 5 hours. When you buy you will also receive a special storage box. This storage box is not only useful for storing the caps: They also load the Airpods neatly. This allows you to use the wireless earphones for up to 24 hours in total. Step into the revolution of wireless sound with the new Apple AirPods. Read More

What does Jailbreak mean?

Jailbreak is escaping from jail

However, that is the translation from English. Nowadays, jailbreaking means cracking your hardware so you can do more with it. Since the advent of the IPhone, jailbreaking has become popular. Normally, the hardware (IPhone) is equipped with an operating system with limited capabilities. In the case of the iPhone you can only install applications from the itunes Store, after jailbreaking you can also install applications that are not in the itunes store. Jailbreaking is a fairly harmless process: a number of operating system files are modified (and can be rolled back if desired). The biggest reason to jailbreak is because more is made possible. When the APP store offers enough software, it is not necessary for most people to jailbreak their phone. Https://

What is an IPad?

IPad is a tablet computer from Apple

The IPAD has been available since 2010 and is a tablet from the company Apple. It's actually an iPhone with a bigger screen and you can't call it with it but for the rest there are many things the same. There are now several versions available from the IPad: extra powerful, different formats, etc. If you have an iPad with cellular, you can place a SIM card in the tablet and make use of all the functionalities without having wifi. Read More