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What does DTS mean?

DTS means Digital Theatre Systems

DTS is high quality digital multichannel sound which is used in many cinemas. The sound is true to nature, the amount of information per second is much higher than the older Dolby Digital. DTS is used both professionally and for the consumer (stored on DVD or CD). DTS is a noise reduction system by reducing frequencies that are not perceptible to humans (DTS takes away less than Dolby Digital). The first film with DTS was Jurassic Park from 1993.

What does DVD-rip mean?

DVD Rip means copy of a DVD

Someone has thus stopped a DVD movie in his computer and converted the movie as 1 file into a certain video format (often XviD or DivX). This has the effect that your movie is only about 750MB large, and no more 4gb. Most people will not see/hear the quality loss. In The illegal circuit there is often a distinction between a cam version and a DVD-RIP.

What is VLC?

VLC is a media Player (VideoLAN client). It supports a lot of video and audio formats and can be installed on both Windows, Mac and Linux. It can also be used as a video ripper or to play videos and DVDs. Click here to download and get more information, or look at the possibilities in the movie below.

What does DVI mean?

DVI stands for Digital Visual interface and is designed as a monitor interface. Uncompressed video signals are forwarded by the cable to the monitor and transmit a full digital signal without any loss of data. A short time, DVI was present on DVD players and projectors, but these have been replaced by HDMI. For PC € ™ s, DVI still remains the most widely used digital video connection. This is because DVI has already supported higher resolutions and framerates that are necessary for computer monitors from the outset.

What does HDMI mean?

HDMI means High Definition multimedia Interface

HDMI is the abbreviation of High Definition multimedia Interface and is the successor to DVI. HDMI is conceived as universal connection for audio, video and operation. This has become a bit of the digital version of SCART. Unlike the DVI predecessor, HDMI supports up to eight digital audio channels. Most modern (from 2005/2006) DVD players, Settop boxes etc are provided VDN HDMI outputs. Also almost all LCD and plasma televisions (also projectors) are equipped with at least 1 HDMI input. Read More