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What is a TREZOR

TREZOR is a hardware wallet

TREZOR is a hardware wallet providing advanced security for handling bitcoin private keys.
Unlike traditional cold storage methods (offline storage or paper wallet), TREZOR is able to make secure payments without exposing your private keys to a potentially compromised computer.

TREZOR is basically a small computer. It is designed to protect your private keys from possible online and offline risks. In order to do this, TREZOR keeps the private keys away from the Internet and confirms the transactions in-device. That way you can always check the screen for the right address, amount and transaction fee before sending your bitcoins.
In layman’s terms you can connect TREZOR to an infected computer and still be able to have 100% control over the funds in your device.

What does Misco mean?

Misco means micro Computers supplies Company

Misco is a large provider of computer hardware and software, home entertainment, telecommunication and other similar articles. Since 1985, Misco has been a supplier for both the business market and the consumer market (for 2004 under the name 06 software). Misco is part of the global Systemax (with a turnover of $2 billion). For more information or an order, go to

What does Jailbreak mean?

Jailbreak is escaping from jail

However, that is the translation from English. Nowadays, jailbreaking means cracking your hardware so you can do more with it. Since the advent of the IPhone, jailbreaking has become popular. Normally, the hardware (IPhone) is equipped with an operating system with limited capabilities. In the case of the iPhone you can only install applications from the itunes Store, after jailbreaking you can also install applications that are not in the itunes store. Jailbreaking is a fairly harmless process: a number of operating system files are modified (and can be rolled back if desired). The biggest reason to jailbreak is because more is made possible. When the APP store offers enough software, it is not necessary for most people to jailbreak their phone. Https://