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What does HTTP mean?

HTTP means Hypertext Transfer Protocol

The HTTP protocol is designed for transporting HTML files. It is used to get a page on the Internet from the Web server to the user (above you see if it is good also stand: Today's browsers take this for granted, and want http://to automatically filter out. The protocol determines which queries a client can make to the server, and which answers can be returned. In 1997, the HTTP standard jacked up to version 1.1. Read More

What does IP address mean?

Ip address is the unique address of an Internet computer

Any computer that is connected to a network/The Internet has a number that makes it visible to all other computers on that network (this is necessary to find and identify Invididuele computers). Because IP addresses are linked to a computer (or login moment) It is almost never possible to be anonymous on the Internet. The person behind an IP address is in most cases to figure out, sometimes directly, but sometimes only through cooperation from justice. An IP address consists of four groups of numbers, such as The IP address you use to enter the Internet is below: What is an IP address?

What does DNS mean?

DNS means Domain Name System

DNS is a protocol that makes the translation of a domain name to a ipaddress on the Internet. This website has, for example, as IPAddress: but that is difficult to remember, so remember people: DNS is a distributed database that contains host and domain names and their associated IP addresses. DNS eliminates the need to maintain a list of IP addresses on each computer. Read More