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What is Bokeh?

Bokeh is a photography term

Bokeh comes from the Japanese word "bakery" which means blurred, or blurry. An ' h ' was put at the end to be able to speak better, and it is now a term for the quality of the background sharpness. When people say they like photos made with a SLR camera, they often mean the scheptediepte, the bokeh: the subject in the foreground is sharp and the background is blurred. You have different gradations in the bokeh: in a strong bokeh, the background is often so blurred that it is no longer recognizable (this is common in macro photography). Read More

What is deeplinking?

Deep linking is hyperlinking to a section of a website

By creating a deeplink, a user is immediately directed to the right content (instead of To a meaningless home page). Search engines use deep links to determine the quality of a website (quality score), if there are many deep links, then it is an interesting site than the reasoning. A deeplink to this page is: In the past, there have been lawsuits to deep linking, because news sites In particular were not happy with the fact that people directly linked to an article (which caused them to miss a lot of ad revenues on the home page). Therefore, it is not allowed in all countries either.

What does SLA mean?

SLA means Service Level Agreement

When hiring services, a lettuce is also often closed. A SLA is a contract between the supplier and the customer in which conditions and the quality of the offered service are mentioned. Because a SLA has been agreed with the quality requirements, it can be determined whether the service meets the agreed agreement. If this is not the case, it is possible to agree a fine clause, or if the requirements are not met, it may also be a sign that more investment should be made in the product or service. Read More

What does DTS mean?

DTS means Digital Theatre Systems

DTS is high quality digital multichannel sound which is used in many cinemas. The sound is true to nature, the amount of information per second is much higher than the older Dolby Digital. DTS is used both professionally and for the consumer (stored on DVD or CD). DTS is a noise reduction system by reducing frequencies that are not perceptible to humans (DTS takes away less than Dolby Digital). The first film with DTS was Jurassic Park from 1993.