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What does WLAN mean?

WLAN means Wireless LAN

Wireless LAN is a wireless local Area network that usually also provides access to the Internet. Multiple devices are needed: With a wireless adapter, you connect to an access point (which is a machine that emits signals). In addition, many commerciƫe access points also have a router/switch or modem, which is often referred to as a wireless modem. Often the access point is connected to a wired network. Most people know WLAN from another name: WI-Fi. Read More

What is The Cloud?

The Cloud is Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is the most common name, often colloquially called the cloud. The Cloud has been brought to the attention of most people by the new works. The Cloud makes it possible for several people to work at home or on the go, no matter where a person is physically located. This is because many documents (and often also software) are available online somewhere, and no longer on the internal network at the company. Read More

What is VLC?

VLC is a media Player (VideoLAN client). It supports a lot of video and audio formats and can be installed on both Windows, Mac and Linux. It can also be used as a video ripper or to play videos and DVDs. Click here to download and get more information, or look at the possibilities in the movie below.

What is Twitter?

Twitter is online chat in 140 characters

Twitter is a service/website that works a bit like MSN Messenger and SMS. You can say in 140 characters what you are doing at the moment, are reading, or are planning to go. So far it looks like SMS. All the people who follow you (in your friends list) see that message, and Kunen may respond to it (this is the comparison with MSN Messenger). You can enter these messages on the website, but there are also a lot of other tools that you can use to customize your status (Windows/Linux/Mac/Mobile/etc.). Read More