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New Marketing Buzzwords of 2021 Every Marketer and Business Owner Should Know

For most business owners and marketers, the year 2020 was a year filled with surprises. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has affected consumer behaviors, forcing retail brands and other businesses to modify their marketing campaigns. But as we enter 2021, entrepreneurs and marketers need to stay relevant to drive more customers and increase sales.

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What is marketing?

Traditional Marketing: The Timeless Strategies

In today’s digital age, numerous enterprises utilize Internet-based solutions for almost every marketing need. But, while it’s true that the new media is indeed highly effective in boosting business communication strategies, traditional means of advertising also yield promising results.

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What does FBIQ mean?

FBIQ means Facebook IQ

FBIQ is a useful resource with information for brands, organizations and marketers in general. FBIQ should help in understanding people better by means of insights and data analysis. The information is therefore divided into categories. For example, you can see how people celebrate a particular holiday, or how a season is experienced. But one also gives numbers that show how Facebook does it. It thus provides information about Facebook, but also about the users of Facebook, and that is weather information that can be used for marketing purposes. View and read more at FBIQ.