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What is Groupclip?

GroupClip is a Multi-Camera Video app

With GroupClip you can record a video with several people: it is a video app that allows you to create synchronized multi-frame and multi-angle videos. There are, of course, lots of apps that allow you to record video, the difference is that with Groupclip you can capture multiple videos from different viewing angles. The movies are put on the server and everyone can make their own version. This way you can also view it from another side, and make use of someone else, so you get even more of the event where you were. More information can be found on the website of GroupClip. Read More

What does airlift mean?

An airlift is an airplane connection

One often speaks about an air bridge if there is a besieged or blocked area that cannot be reached by land, but by air. An airlift is deployed to provide these areas with foodstuffs, medicines, persons and other necessary supplies. It is also sometimes a matter of evacuation, and it is the job to get people out of the area. [YouTube] aTddxTVTlZ8 [/youtube]

What does IoT mean?

IOT means Internet Of Things

With IOT it is about linking devices (and people) to the Internet. The IOT goes so far that all imaginable devices are connected to the Internet at any given time. There are more and more devices connected, and it is expected that 2013 is the year that IOT really breaks through (it has been thought since 1999 that this is going to happen anyway…). The Things ensure a reduction in wastage: wasting time, or attention, or energy, money, etc. The most tangible for most people is the smartphone, and device that is always connected, another device that also always emerges from publications about IOT is the intelligent refrigerator: the fridge that knows when something is on, and immediately an order for You do. Since 2008, the number of devices connected to the Internet is already greater than the number of people in the world, this will only increase in the coming years. 12 devices per person are expected to be connected in 10 years. Read More

What is sexting?

Sexting is sending hot text messages

The word "sexting" originated in the time when sending SMS messages started to come up, but nowadays it is also used when people post messages on Twitter or Facebook. Sexting therefore comes from SMS, but is increasingly widely drawn. It is still about messages with evocative texts, pictures in hot poses, etc. Read More

What does tethering mean?

Tethering means your phone use PC Internet use

Tethering is talked about when you connect a PC or laptop to a mobile phone or PDA to connect to the Internet in this way. This connection does not always have to happen physically with (USB) cables, but can also be done via infrared or Bluetooth. If the mobile phone has an internet connection, the laptop can use the Internet in this way. Not all mobile providers want to allow this, because on the phone often an unlimited data bundle is taken, and people will not purchase UMTS dongle in this way. How To-tethering