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What does IGTV mean?

IGTV means Insta gram Television

IGTV is actually an app of Insta that makes it possible to watch videos of 60 minutes. So it’s actually a kind of YouTube from the creators of Insta gram. You can also view the IGTV content via the normal Insta app. At the beginning there will be no ads to be seen within IGTV, this because there must first be a love for the platform, and then scare ads off soon of course. How that will be in the future is unclear, but the creators of the video will still want to be paid for their effort, so somewhere money will have to come today. Because everything is meant to be viewed on your phone, and because you usually have it in your hand, the videos will all be vertical (see also VVS). When you open the app, it immediately starts playing videos. And the video content is of course tuned to your Insta activity: So who you’re following or what type of content you’ve given the most hearts. Read More

What is screen time?

Screen time is the time behind a screen

Screen time is the time you spend watching a screen, whether it's a tablet, laptop, phone or television. The screen time is mainly something parents set up for their children: they don't want the child to sit behind one of these devices all day long and therefore set a time in which children are allowed to spend behind a screen. Children of this time do not know better, they grow up with the use of tablet, smartphone or television. And the digitization of life does not necessarily have to be bad, it can also be an educational development. There is of course a difference between playing games or watching a vlog and looking up information for a workpiece or speech. Many parents also make the difference between useful screen time and screen hang. Every child is of course different, so it is difficult to draw up guidelines that apply to every child, but it can certainly help to have clear agreements. For children under 8 years of age, the directive is about 1 hour per day, preferably distributed over several times. In children up to 12 years of age, it is usually about 2 hours of display time. Read More

What is slamming?

Slamming is line hijacking

Slamming or line hijacking is the conversion of a telephone connection to another provider without your explicit permission. Another phone provider may not accept a subscription without permission, telephone providers have made arrangements to prevent this. If you get an offer by phone for another contract, beware because saying 1 time is enough to be stuck (a signature is not required). Most people only find that they have become victims of slamming when they receive the new invoice or a farewell letter from the old provider. Consumers have been better protected since 2014 because there is also a need for written confirmation, for business users that is not (yet) the case. It is not only annoying if you are suffering from slamming, by transferring fines or legal fees it can also be a decent cost item. So ask if someone is calling on behalf of a particular party or really as an employee of a telecom provider, and use the words Yes or no not. If you have become a victim, please contact the (new) provider as soon as possible and indicate that you do not want to call this provider and that there has been slamming. Read More

What is Bixby?

Bixby is the Samsung assistant

Bixby is a virtual assistant designed by Samsung that is present on the Galaxy S8, in the future the assistant may also be available on other Samsung devices. The idea behind Bixby is that it will help you with the tasks you want to carry out with your phone, which makes it a bit different from other assistants like Google Assistant, Microsoft Cortana, Apple Siri or Amazon Alexa. With Bixby you can operate the phone more with a single voice (and therefore less focused on facts or searches).

What are AirPods?

AirPods are Apple earphones

The AirPods are the latest earphones from Apple. It means the end of the "old fashioned" wired earbuds. It's even so that the latest IPhone 7 doesn't have any headphone input anymore. Users can only use the revamped Earpods with a lightning connection, or the new Apple AirPods. Airpods effortlessly connect with your iPhone. The wireless earphones have a W1 chip. Thanks to specially developed sensors, the Airpods directly recognize whether you wear them or not. The battery of the caps will take about 5 hours. When you buy you will also receive a special storage box. This storage box is not only useful for storing the caps: They also load the Airpods neatly. This allows you to use the wireless earphones for up to 24 hours in total. Step into the revolution of wireless sound with the new Apple AirPods. Read More

What is a TrackR?

A trackr is a Bluetooth tracker

Whether you're neat or sloppy, we all get rid of something. With the Stickr TrackR or TrackR Bravo you have a Bluetooth bunch finder, purse finder or whatever. With the app on IOS or Android you can see where the TrackR is, or maybe you have your keys but you lost your phone, then you can leave your phone with the TrackR. Read More

What is an e-sim?

An e-sim is a built-in SIM card

An e-sim (also called embedded-SIM) is a SIM card that is built into a device (phone, tablet) and which is remotely programmable. This makes it easy to change the provider without having to change a SIM card. It is also possible to use one subscription over multiple devices: So 1 subscription You use for your smartwatch, your tablet, and your smartphone. And if you want a different subscription then you simply move on.