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What does LTE mean?

LTE means Long Term Evolution

LTE is the successor to the GSM and UMTS network, and is a technique used in 4g networks. The speed of LTE (up to 100 Mbps) makes it possible to stream movies. In the Netherlands a number of tests will be started in 2011, for now it is not yet available nationwide, this depends on several factors (number of devices that can work with LTE, enough applications, sufficient demand). Read More

What does tethering mean?

Tethering means your phone use PC Internet use

Tethering is talked about when you connect a PC or laptop to a mobile phone or PDA to connect to the Internet in this way. This connection does not always have to happen physically with (USB) cables, but can also be done via infrared or Bluetooth. If the mobile phone has an internet connection, the laptop can use the Internet in this way. Not all mobile providers want to allow this, because on the phone often an unlimited data bundle is taken, and people will not purchase UMTS dongle in this way. How To-tethering

What does UMTS mean?

UMTS stands for Universal Mobile Telecommunications System and is the successor of GPRS. UMTS is also called 3g. UMTS promises speeds similar to ADSL and so many new possibilities arise. Think of image telephony, watching movies, wireless internet and e-mail everywhere, but also faster sending of photos, presentations and files. Theoretically, UMTS speeds can be reached up to 2 megabits per second.