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What does Misco mean?

Misco means micro Computers supplies Company

Misco is a large provider of computer hardware and software, home entertainment, telecommunication and other similar articles. Since 1985, Misco has been a supplier for both the business market and the consumer market (for 2004 under the name 06 software). Misco is part of the global Systemax (with a turnover of $2 billion). For more information or an order, go to

What does DDoS mean?

DDoS means distributed Denial of Service

With a DDoS attack, a lot of computers (often from different places around the world) make a lot of connection requests to a server. Because that server then receives as many requests in one time, the server (and therefore website) is often slow, or no longer reachable at all. To achieve this, botnets are often used. Read More