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What does trending topic mean?

Trending topic means popular topic

Trending topics are a series of keywords that are most mentioned on Twitter at that time. Trending topics are a way to see where a lot is talked about on Twitter, and each country also has its own trending topics. Nowadays, there is a lot of talk about trending topics outside of Twitter, but the idea remains the same: these are subjects that are often talked about in any way whatsoever. On Twimmer is a nice overview to see what the trending topics are.

What does Misco mean?

Misco means micro Computers supplies Company

Misco is a large provider of computer hardware and software, home entertainment, telecommunication and other similar articles. Since 1985, Misco has been a supplier for both the business market and the consumer market (for 2004 under the name 06 software). Misco is part of the global Systemax (with a turnover of $2 billion). For more information or an order, go to

What does MMORPG mean?

MMORPG means massively multiplayer online role-playing game

MMORPGs are large-scale role-playing games that many players can participate in, the communication between the different players goes through a computer network. The idea is that the character you created must complete a command, as soon as that command is ready, the new command will be ready again. With each new assignment the character gets more possibilities (more money, more forces, spells, etc.). In an MMORPG, the interaction between the different players is important, often they have to solve a problem together, or beat another team (a team is often called a guild or clan). The most famous MMORPG game is World Of Warcraft (WoW), and to play this you need a subscription (just like most MMORPGs). Sometimes you can play the game for free, but you can buy extra items or weapons words at a charge. In 2005, around 500 million dollars were converted to MMORPGs worldwide.

What does UPS mean?

UPS means United Parcel Service

UPS is a worldwide operating courier service. Founded in Seattle in 1907, it is the world's oldest courier service. At that time it was known as American Messenger Company, the name UPS arose in 1919 when the company moved to Oakland. The special to UPS is that up to 1999 all shares were owned by the employees, in 1999 this has changed and 10% of the shares are freely negotiable. UPS Parcel Images

UPS means uninterruptable Power Supply

A UPS is a device between an electronic device (often a computer, or a server) and the power supply. In the event of a power outage/power outage, the UPS detects that and then starts supplying power to the device. As a result, the device connected to the UPS will continue to work, even if there is no more power. The UPS has a battery that is charged when there is power, and if there is power outage the battery power will be used. There are different types of UPS systems to obtain (for a short interruption, or for long lasting example. UPS and absorbing power loss

What does WWW mean?

WWW means World Wide Web

In Dutch It is also called "Global Web". The WWW is a network of all kinds of information (text, image, video) created from the standard of the Internet, HTML. The WWW was developed by Tim Berners-Lee in 1991, then in the service of CERN in Geneva. The aim was to facilitate the exchange of information between scientists. Because it concerned many international people, one could not assume a standard computer, so the WWW has been independent from the outset. Read More

What does ACTA mean?

ACTA means Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement

The ACTA is an initiative from Japan and the United States, where the idea is to achieve a global standard of enforcement of intellectual property rights. This would make it easier to deal with the production of illegal, copied goods internationally. Countries can participate voluntarily, at present there are several countries involved (O. M: Japan, United States, Singapore, Canada and the European Union. The ACTA will focus on three key areas:

  1. International cooperation for enforcement
  2. Exchanging a good working approach
  3. Legally working together to combat piracy

From a European point of view, in Brussels there is an increasing commotion about ACTA because it also involves far-off measures to combat digital piracy. The so-called ' three strikes policy ' encounters resistance (three times being caught on illegal downloading resulting in closure of the Internet). In addition, there is greater responsibility for Internet providers and content should be actively filtered. More information and starting points on the website of the Ministry of Economic Affairs. Google D.C. Talk: ACTA-The Global Treaty That Could reshape The Internet