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What is a gadget?

A gadget is a thing

A gadget (a thing, Gizmo) is an article that is innovative and often cleverly designed. Often a gadget is a consumer electronics product (but it doesn't have to be). The technology or design is innovative, so a trendsetter likes to buy it. Often a gadget is also purchased as a status symbol. A gadget is especially interesting at the beginning (and even then it is more frequent for the entertainment purchased, and not so much for its functionality), later there are too many people who have it too, and it is not interesting anymore to have (or to show off). A gadget is often purchased online, in a special gadget or gift shop.

What does TCD mean?

TCD means Telecommerce days

The TCD is every year sometime in late April and actually consists of the following three events:

  • Home Shop Tradeshow
  • Customer Contact Trade Fair
  • Dialogue Marketing Trade Fair

It is a trade fair (the largest in the Benelux) in various areas that are all related to telecom. An impression of TCD 2009