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Equipment Checklist: The Must-Have Items in Your Semi When You’re on the Road

In their quest to make prompt deliveries to keep customers and clients happy, most semi-truck drivers bring everything with them but the kitchen sink. Okay, so we’re exaggerating, but you get the idea.

They spend most of their time on the road going cross-country that it seems like they’re living in their rigs instead of a house. They have to make sure their trucks are packed with essentials they will need to stay safe and healthy while they’re on the road.

While having the right set of tools in their Bawer toolboxes is important, there are other essentials that truck drivers must bring on the road to survive.

10 Must-Have Items in Your Semi When You’re on the Road

1. Back-up Smartphone

Having an extra smartphone for emergencies is a must for all truck drivers and operators. It is even better if you have a dedicated smartphone for work purposes only. Your smartphone should have high-definition cameras for documentation and scanning of important paperwork.

2. Extra Powerful Torch

Powerful flashlights are useful, especially for inspecting rigs and working on repairs at night. Simply make sure you always have spare batteries in your glove compartment.

3. Utility Knife

Utility knives are useful for a minor handyman or mechanic work without accessing your toolbox. You can easily cut twigs with the knife or use it to measure the depth of your tire treads.

4. GPS Navigation Equipment

We’re not just talking about the typical passenger-vehicle GPS devices. Truck drivers should add a GPS device specifically designed for OTR truck drivers.

5. Thick Work Gloves

Simply because you’re behind the wheel most of the time doesn’t mean you won’t come across work that requires you to get your hands dirty. Having a good pair of work gloves can help you do work that requires your hands a bit better.

6. Sunglasses

Being on the road leaves you and your eyes exposed to sunlight for long periods. Having high-quality sunnies can help protect your eyesight from strain and fatigue and lessen your headaches.

7. Extra Cash

You’ll never know what could happen on the road. A card reader might fail you or the nearest ATM could be offline. It’s always good to have extra cash on hand in case of emergencies.

8. Water Gallons

It is important to stay hydrated and clean, especially during those long summertime drives across the country. Having a couple of six-gallon water jugs gives you easy access to clean water anytime you need it. Plus, it’s a lot cheaper compared to always buying bottled water from truck stops.

9. Hammer or Mallet

Having a hammer or a mallet on-hand is a big help, especially for making repairs on your truck. Whether you use it as a single tool or combined with others, they make a trucker’s life on the road easier and more efficient.

10. Slow Cooker

Drivers usually don’t have easy access to healthy meals on the road. Having a slow cooker onboard your rig can help you address this concern. You can now stay healthy while you’re on the road.

The life of a semi-truck driver is never an easy one. You spend a lot of time away from your loved ones just to make their deliveries on time. Having the right tools and equipment along will help keep you safe and healthy while you’re on the road.

Photo by Matthew T Rader on Unsplash

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