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Start the New Decade with an Office Upgrade

As everyone returns to the office for a new year in the same job, it can be hard to keep productivity up. During this time, people are fresh off vacation. They have had time to reevaluate their choices, and maybe they’re considering a new job. The last thing you want is for your employees to feel stagnant in the workplace and to go to a hipper office.

Here are the upgrades that you need to consider this new decade:

Encourage Healthy Changes

Your employees are starting to be more conscious of their eating habits. If the company used to have unhealthy snacks for meetings and events, it’s time to switch to healthier options. Choose healthy meals that don’t compromise on taste, though. You don’t want your employees to feel like they are being punished.

Another way to encourage healthy changes in the office is to start a corporate wellness program in partnership with a gym or a yoga studio. Work out a plan to lessen the cost of membership for your employees so that cost will not be the reason they can’t get a gym membership. You can also invite trainers to conduct classes in the office once a week.

Determine If the Layout Is Working for Employees

The easiest change to do in the office is a physical one. This will be noticeable the moment your employees come in for work. Don’t just change the workplace for the sake of changing. When you freshen up the look, consider a more useful and ergonomic way for everyone. Devices that are used often by everyone can be positioned in a central area, while office cubicles of some employees who need peace and quiet may be moved to a corner. The key people in your Salt Lake City office should, of course, be easy to find.

If you’re considering an open-floor plan or veering away from one, you might need to get the opinion of your employees before making a decision. Ultimately, the changes will affect them the most. If the changes are detrimental to their productivity, you might have done more harm than good.

Offer Ways to Organize Desks

Once the office is in full swing and everyone is busy catching up with the work that has piled up during the holidays, the desks turn into chaos. Employees have no time to keep their papers and notes in order. You can try to scold them, but it will fall on deaf ears when they are busy getting their job done.

Help them be a little more organized, no matter how busy they are. There are storage solutions that can be stacked depending on how many they need, and there are also filing folders for all their important documents. These don’t require a big budget, but they go a long way in making your employees feel appreciated and understood.

Another simple way to upgrade the office is by hiding the cables and wires for electronics. You could change your desk setup to do this. If you have a bigger budget, you can find new desks with holes for hiding said cables. Even with a small budget, secondhand options are available.

When it comes to office upgrades, even the smallest change means a lot. Make your budget count and choose the changes that will truly help your employees be more productive.

Photo by Drew Beamer on Unsplash

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