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What is Noel Asmar

Noel Asmar Group is a purpose-driven Lifestyle Brand that is authentic, empowering and dares to be different. A privately held corporation focussed on premium niche markets within the Spa & Wellness industry and the Equestrian Sport. Founded in Vancouver, Canada in 2002, the Noel Asmar Group (NAG) has expanded into multiple divisions including: Asmar Equestrian, Noel Asmar Uniforms, and Pedicure Bowls.

Recently awarded Most Innovative Company of the Year 2019 by ISPA for a sustainable Uniform collection using fabric made from recycled water bottles.

Hospitality LIFECYCLE is a sustainable initiative launched in 2019 by Noel Asmar Group to encourage hotels & spas to take action to prevent their uniforms & textiles from ending up in landfills worldwide. This one initiative has the potential to have a significant impact on the billions of textiles dumped globally each year. According to a 2018 report released by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, the apparel industry produces 20 percent of global water waste and 10 percent of global carbon emissions, while 85 percent of textiles — 21 billion tons — are sent to landfills each year.

“We believe that closing the loop is the single most important and feasible initiative we can take to have the greatest impact on earth in the shortest period of time”…. Noel Asmar.

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